Many of us in the Common Core fight are feeling frustrated because it seems our local and state board members are NOT listening to our concerns about Common Core. This morning I was reminded of how during the Civil Rights times of Martin Luther King, black Americans had to do drastic things and suffer much persecution in order to get their rights, but they persevered and eventually won those rights.

In a way parents are having a “rights” issue. It’s called parental rights and they seem to be slowly slipping away. As parents are becoming more and more aware of the problems with Common Core, we are finding our local and state boards and our legislatures are NOT listening to OUR voices, but are listening to the voices of BIG BUSINESS, corporate money power people. We, as parents seem unable to do anything about it.

There are some small things we can do, like contact our board members, our legislators, our governor, etc., and many of us have and should continue to contact them.

Some have written letters to the editor and we need to continue writing those, but one thing we can do that CAN affect these people is to OPT OUR KIDS OUT of the testing. Data is one of the key things these corporate people want from our kids. I believe opting our kids out of the testing could send a big message, but we have to do it in BIG numbers.

Parents/Grandparents, I ask you to spread the word throughout your schools and get people to opt their kids out of the tests. New York is doing this in a big way this year. They have a big campaign going on.

Last year, some schools were able to get the end of year testing cancelled because enough parents banded together and opted their kids out of the testing in these schools. Click on the links and read the articles.

80% Students at NYC School Opt Out of Testing:

Washington Heights Elementary School, Parents Canceled Tests!

I realize these schools were smaller, but it was a start. Maybe we could focus on some of our smaller schools. It would take hard ,focused, diligent effort by the parents/grandparents/concerned citizens in our communities, but we could do this.

I have linked an “opt out” form that was posted on the Truth In American Education website. Below is the link. Click on it. Save it to your computer and print it out, then, pass it on to your family and friends. Get the word out!

For more info on opting out in Alabama, click on this link:

This is something tangible we can do that should get their attention. Let’s get this done!