Why Parents of Public, Private and Homeschool Students Need to Vote on June 3rd

  • The Common Core State Standards adopted by the AL State Board Of Education is a federal takeover of our education system. It is or should be the NUMBER ONE issue you are concerned about in the 2014 primary election.
  • Because teaching methods have changed under the Common Core Initiative, math and the English Language Arts are being taught using untested, unpiloted reform methods VERY different from any used in the past.  Math is not taught using traditional methods and has been dumbed down yet again in the public school system.  Because of the many changes in math, parents are unable to help their children with the homework (even people with math and engineering degrees).  Reading and literature is being taught using “informational texts” at least half (in elementary school) and 70% in high school.  It has been exposed that these texts are often pushing anti-capitalism, pro-Islamic, pro-social justice, and anti-Christian themes.  Also, some of the recommended books and stories have been shown to be nothing but pornographic with very descriptive passages on rape, incest, crude language, etc.
  • With the adoption of the Common Core Standards Initiative comes more standardized testing and an increase in personal data collected on students from cradle to career.  This data is no longer adequately protected by the FERPA law because in 2011 Arne Duncan (Secretary of Education) expanded the definitions in the law giving practically anyone access to a students data and family data collected through surveys, class assignments, testing, and homework which is now being digitally collected, stored and shared with the federal government.

Why Should Private and Homeschoolers Care About What The Public School Is Doing?

  • The ACT and SAT are being aligned with the Common Core Standards.  Because of the radical reform methods being used to teach the standards, private school students and homeschoolers not educated the Common Core way, will be less successful on these college entrance exams.
  • Colleges are also aligning their freshman courses with the Common Core methods and standards.
  • The Workforce/Workkeys Initiative being pushed nationwide incentivizes businesses to align, so that Common Core educated students will get first preference in job interviews/hiring.
  • Data is also being collected on private and homeschool students (not as much but still being done and the federal government does have access).
  • Our state superintendent, Tommy Bice has tried 2 times in this past year to add more regulations to private and homeschooling.  Each time gaining a little more ground.  Thank God for the HSLDA and others who spoke out at this past legislative session and put a stop to most of what they were trying to do in legislation.
  • These people will not stop trying.  We must stay alert and vigilant. 

Please go vote on June 3rd and vote for people you KNOW are against Common Core. Please vote to re-elect Betty Peters to our AL State Board of Education. She has voted both times to repeal Common Core and will continue to fight against it. We need to keep her and get 2 other new members elected: Mike Parsons, District 8 and Patricia McGriff, District 6, to get it repealed next year. Praying you will make it a priority! Have a great summer!