I would like to express my outrage and grave concerns over Governor Bentley’s support for extending Dr. Tommy Bice’s contract for another two years and giving him a pay raise of up to 26% which is extremely high when considering lagging test scores, the state of our economy and the lack of state raises. This pay increase with benefits would pass $300,000. How can this be justified when the latest available data from NAEP (National Assessment of Education Progress) shows Alabama fourth and eighth graders receiving average scores below the national average in ALL subjects?

Our teachers did not get a pay raise and are having to buy supplies out of their own money yet everywhere we look, people in administrative positions and high levels of government are getting pay raises and bonuses despite low performance, corruption and misleading the public trust.

Tommy Bice has continued to mislead the public stating over and over Alabama does not have Common Core when in fact we do. He has misled parents and educators on every front and to now extend his contract when he says he “needs protection?” Protection from what? Is it the criticism of his failure to improve tests scores and education in Alabama? Common Core is a dismal failure and yet, we continue to follow his leadership down the Common Core path to even more failure.

Governor Bentley’s failure to make any sort of stand with parents against Common Core and those like Tommy Bice who continue to push this on our kids and families has caused me and many others to question his leadership as governor of Alabama. In the past, I have always voted republican, but I will not be able to cast my vote for him again. I won’t vote for a democrat because I cannot agree with their platform, but my days of casting my vote for republicans who aren’t willing to stand up for core conservative principles and excellent, high performing “traditional” back to the basics education are over!

There are many other states working toward getting out of Common Core and passing restrictive laws on data mining. I wish Alabama would do the same. Governors, such as Bobby Jindal, Nikki Haley and others, are showing true leadership by standing with parents, teachers and children to fight this federal takeover of our education system and I am so thankful for them. It’s time for our governor to show some backbone and do what’s right for our kids.

Contact Governor Bentley and let him know how you feel about his support of Tommy Bice and the 26% pay raise and also his lack of help or support in fighting Common Core.