Dangerous Expansion -Students will be sent for Mental Health Treatment in School- Alabama

Written on Sept 18, 2014 by Linda Murphy

The State Department of Mental Health’s plan will now be moving IN to a school in Tuscaloosa, Alabama. Tuscaloosa is joining the cities of Dothan and Florence in this initiative pushed by the Department of Mental Health and other state agencies. (see article below) This dangerous expansion of public schools into mental health treament is a problem that is facing all communities nationwide but few people are aware of it. Please read on and consider for yourself how this information should be seen in the light of other education reform underway, including Common Core Testing, to be fully understood.

This public school expansion into Mental Health brings together some very disturbing components of a system being put in place for the total “transformation” of education. Parents, teachers, school board members and administrators are being urged by community leaders, who have endorsed the plans, to look at each piece of change transforming our system as an “isolated” or “unrelated” change. Changes have even been promoted with very acceptable “market tested” wording and citizens “take it in” thinking it is one thing but later find out it is another. More and more people are looking beyond the surface to do their own research and learn what is really changing in our schools and how that affects their children, families and our society.

Here are only a few of the issues we should be very concerned about in setting up Mental Health Treatment in Public Schools.

What do you think?
Should Mental Health treatment be part of public schools?
Common Core Testing contains test items which assess attitudes, values, beliefs, emotions and feelings (from Bloom’s taxonomy of the affective domain). Should these tests be allowed in our schools?
How will a student’s test or assessment response data be used when it is gathered through computers into “data bases” which are now established in each state (SLDS State Longitudinal Data Systems, overseen by P-20 Councils, purchased by stimulus money)?
Will students be flagged as “at risk” for potential mental health problems just as other student data is being flagged “at risk”?
Who should determine if a student is “at risk” for mental health issues?
Who decides what type of thoughts/thinking or actions indicate a mental health “problem”?

What set of criteria or worldview will be used in determining what is “healthy” vs “unhealthy” thoughts or actions?

Should parents’ and student’s rights to privacy be breeched by having students “go down the hall” to see the mental health therapists in the school building when the other students and the teachers will be aware that the student is going there?

How does being “pulled out” of class to go to the mental health therapist effect a student’s social relationship with other students and with teachers?

Will technology and the already available “adaptive” learning software be used to incorporate student test and assement data to make sure every student individually “learns” “masters” “achieves” his/her learning goals including the “affective” or behavior goals set for him/her by therapists?

I am a Special Education teacher, certified over 30 years, and have worked with all of the issues presented in the 10 questions above. A large part of my university course work was in understanding my role in keeping individual student records confidential and secure. Many special education students had mental health, psychologoical, neurological or behavioral tests, screenings and observations which were in their “confidential files”. In the past professional educators were responsible for these records and ONLY with parental consent was a child ever tested, trained, educated or remediated in anyway that was connected to behavior, mental health, attitude, etc. This state mental health plan in public schools is crossing a line into new territory where we have never gone before.

All areas of concern involving mental health, labeling and treatment are on the table to be considered now for ALL students. We must look at the big picture as it is being implemented right before us in the current politically driven “transformation” of education. The Federal Department of Education even released a report, in February 2013, revealing their work in the area of behavioral testing for “grit” and “tenacity” in student motivation, using bio-feedback. (see report below)

Each of us — parents, teachers, older students and all citizens are responsible to become informed and let our voice be heard before the transformation of education is locked into place. We must look down the road and stop the loss of control of education or it may be too late to stop in the future. We must become informed and help inform elected officials who are making decisions without full knowledge or understanding.

Here is some more significant information for your consideration that directly connects to the expansion of mental health treatment into public schools. This expansion is a part of the bigger master plan for centralized control of education and the economy, including “health care” laid out by the NCEE- National Center for Education and the Economy.

This plan was pushed by President Clinton and now has been repackaged for 2014 through the National Governors Association -NGA and Federal Government Agencies. Bill Clinton served as chairman of the NGA while Governor of Arkansas. In 1995 I attended the NGA meeting in Chicago where I, representing Governor Keating of Oklahoma, rejected the Clinton/NGA plan for education. I was quickly followed by Governor Allen of Virginia’s representative and Governor Merrill of New Hampshire’s representative who stated emphatically their states would not follow the plan either.

The NCEE, where the plan originated, is funded by Carnegie Foundation and is directed by Marc Tucker, who has worked hand in-hand with Hillary Clinton, Bill Clinton, Michael Cohen- Director of ACHIEVE (which created Common Core for the National Governor’s Association), David Rockefeller and Ira Magaziner. Magaziner is a cohort of Hillary Clinton in her 1990’s National Health Care Plan. You will find this information and much more in the document linked below. It was read into the
Congressional record by former Colorado Congressman Bob Schaffer. Known as the “Dear Hillary Letter”, it is a letter to Hillary Clinton from Marc Tucker written when Bill Clinton won the election to become President in 1992.

Common Core standards and testing are designed from the same philosophy, with a new name for OBE -Outcomes Based Education. OBE came forward politically from the Clinton Administration and was developed by Dr. Bill Spady at the Far West -Federal Education Laboratory. Spady said education will go from Traditional to Transitional levels and when fully implemented will be Transformational.

In 1995 Oklahoma and other states stopped OBE, when it became well understood, by repealing our state law. Legislators had been decieved earlier about what they were putting in place, just as they have been decieved by Common Core.

In the Spring of 2013, Education Week reported that the Federal Department of Education will review and revise the items that are used in Common Core Tests. That will of course “drive” the curriculum which must be used for students to pass the Federally controlled test. If students do not respond according to federal requirements they will not graduate. In many states, teacher evaluations, and thus their jobs, depend on their students passing the tests. This insidious Federal Government control of education, testing and curriculum must be stopped by repealing NCLB –No Child Left Behind.

Common Core Testing is being implemented this year for ALL schools in ALL states that have not rejected Common Core Standards. All Common Core Testing is controlled by the Federal Department of Education, regardless of the test company or vendor that is used. ACT, AIR, PARCC, SBAC, McGraw-Hill, Pearson or any other vendor producing Common Core testing that is “aligned” with the Common Core Standards will include test items from the “affective” domain or category and those items along with ALL items on the tests will be Federally controlled. That means the Federal Government will be in control of testing attitudes, values, beliefs, emotions and feelings of students. This has NEVER been done before officially in public schools without parental consent! PARENTS & TEACHERS ….. keep reading…. studying….. and looking closely at what is happening in your own school and do not fail to look at these plans to gain a complete understanding so we can STOP the TOP DOWN CONTROL of education and return to LOCAL CONTROL.

Mental Health Treatment in Schools

“Promoting Grit and Tenacity” Report -Federal Dept. of Education

The Marc Tucker “Dear Hillary” Letter-