Common Core Is A Disaster



I recently saw a photo online of Alabama’s Governor Kay Ivey standing beside the president as he proclaimed, “Common Core is a Disaster!” President Trump has promised many times during his campaign he would get rid of Common Core. Betsy Devos, his Secretary of Education affirmed states will be allowed to set their own high standards and can now put an end to the federalized Common Core. So why is our Alabama legislature wanting to put off getting rid of Common Core?


President Trump has given the green light to all states. We now have a president who sympathizes with parents, teachers and children. Why isn’t our Republican leadership here in Alabama listening? I can tell you who they have been listening to; people and groups like: Billy Canary, the BCA, Bob Riley and others who have the political clout and power to pressure them to continue with the FAILING Common Core.


We were encouraged by those in education leadership such as Dr. Tommy Bice (former AL State Superintendent), Mary Scott Hunter and others that adopting the Common Core Standards Initiative  would make our students more “college and career” ready. Are you kidding me? According to NAEP scores Alabama plunged from 25th place pre Common Core, to dead last (50th in the nation) on reading and math and Alabama’s ACT scores have also dropped several points. These scores do not indicate “college and career” readiness.


This kind of failure can’t possibly be good for attracting businesses to Alabama. It’s time for some of the big businesses who stood with the BCA in supporting the Common Core Standards to separate themselves from the sinking ship called the Common Core and begin to stand with parents, teachers and children and pressure legislators to DO something about the “Common Core Disaster” before further damage to our children and our state is done.

I agree with parents, teachers, children and President Trump, “Common Core is a disaster!” Are you with us, Alabama Power, Alfa Corporation, Blue Cross Blue Shield of Alabama, etc? Time for action! Get HB558 passed this year!


Wanda McDonald

Former Early Childhood Teacher